Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"The Pro" Sketch Card

Did this last summer for 5Finity's sketch card series of Garth Ennis and Amanda Connor's superhero spoof comic The Pro, which is full of great art and designs. For my cards I decided to concentrate more on the Pro's supporting cast of heroes than the Pro herself--here's the Saint and the Speedo for example. Some of these were pretty cool, but unfortunately, this is the only one I got a scan of. These were done in pigment pens and Copic markers.

Northern Guard #1: Yes, it seems to be quite late. It was supposed to hit stores on the 24th of November, and it still hasn't. It's been printed and everything, we're all trying to figure out what the holdup is. I'll post here as soon as I know which of the coming Wednesdays it'll be arriving in comic shops (we already know it's going to be later than the 15th). In the meantime, we're all super sorry for the delay, but the book is coming--I promise!

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