Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Astro Boy

Over at Spitballin' Comics the crunch crew and I have been doing a week devoted to Atom/Astro Boy in all his various forms (uh, two, I suppose). I figured I'd feature a different version of my Astro Boy piece here, with a simplified mouth I couldn't decide if I liked better or not. It's really hard sometimes to go with the simpler version of something when you put more time into the other version, so I'm presenting them both to pussyfoot around making a decision..

If you haven't yet, do please check out Spitballin'--tons of cool art posted there every week by awesome up and coming illustrators here in the Toronto scene. Astro Boy week wraps up this Sunday, and there's more cool stuff to come!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spawn - Spitballin' lineart

The lineart from my first post over at Spitballin' Comics, the artists collective sketch blog I formed with some fellow Toronto illustrators for love of the game. A character a week is the goal--let's see how we do! Check out Spitballin' Comics for the finished colour sketch and more of my rambling!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spitballin' Comics Launch

Sunday, myself and some of my fellow GTA* illustrators launched Spitballin' Comics, a brand new artists collective sketch blog. Every week we'll pick a different character from the wide world of comics and nerd-dom and draw up our takes on the characters. We're rolling alphabetically, so first choice is mine--Todd McFarlane's SPAWN! Michael Walsh is a human dynamo, and he gets us started with the awesome piece previewed above. Check it out and give us a follow!

*Greater Toronto Area, not grand theft auto, for out of towners and non-Canadians.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fan appreciation con day 2

Slow day today but managed to snag a few fun commissions--first is Living Lightning, who I thought I only vaguely had a notion of, but it turns out I was thinking of Living Laser anyway. I love the goofy, obscure guys so this was one of my favorite commissions ever. Kinda wish I hadn't looked through the book before hand, though--Marcio Takara, Francis Manapul, Marcus To, Leonard Kirk, Dan Parent, Agnes Garbowska, J. Bone, on and on and on, and all awesome work. Did my best to live up to the standard (Leonard Kirk "sketches" like most people draw diligently for 8 hours).

And another Deadpool! I brought my markers and totally managed to kill my deep red. Had to switch it up to do the job--the contrast between reds seems harsher on camera than it did in person. Did this in a mad rush in the con's closing minutes--came out alright.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fan appreciation con day 1

Some sketches from the Fan Appreciation con today. Forgot to take pictures of some of them (it slips my mind I have this capability). I was super excited to get to do a sketch on this blank Wolverine #1 sketch over--my first time ever being asked to do something like this. Deadpool as Wolverine. Bummed I forgot to bring some markers.

Electro, for some cool dude.

Deadpool in the army. The guy that got the Deadpool sketches (and often gets Deadpool sketches) is always super enthusiastic and complimentary--I count him as one of my two fans. Yep, two, baby. The big leagues.

More tomorrow, if I remember.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sinister Nine dans la colour!

Spider-Man versus nine of his most fearsome foes, now with colours by tag team troubadour Adam Metcalfe. Slick!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hack/Slash sketch card commissions

Had a couple blank sketch cards lying around from last Halloween's Hack/Slash set, ended up being commissioned to do these by a nice guy in the UK--one of Vlad, one of Cassie. I tend to use pretty simple colouring when I do these, both because I'm a sucky colourist and it's fun to see how far you can make the simple application go. Given that, I was really pleased with the way the chalkboard came out--neat effect, I think.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sinister Nine preview!

Lineart preview of the print I'll have on hand at the Toronto Comic-Con Fan Appreciation event, April 9th-10th in the north building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (gods willing). Managed to squeeze in nine of Spider-Man's sinister foes, including the original Sinister Six, Goblin, Rhino and Venom. The two-day con is completely FREE and cartoon heroes like Manapul, Sprouse, Darrow, Van Sciver and To will be there (as well as the whole Northern Guard team) so come by and say hello if you're cool.