Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Northern Guard #1 hits shelves TODAY!

Pencils and inks by myself, colours by KT Smith.

Today's the day, peoples of the world! I wanted to share a few pages with you before you all go out and buy 20 copies, but not being sure what I could and couldn't show I went with the two pages that were for sure on line before now, pages 3-5, where Nanook of the North lays siege to a clandestine drilling operation in northern BC, and runs afoul of our villain, the Red Rogue. By now you're hooked beyond all capacity for rational thought, so I'll leave you to rush out and get your copy, dear reader!

The Northern Guard is a 3-issue mini series published by Moonstone Books, written by Ty Templeton, illustrated by myself, coloured and lettered by KT Smith, with interlocking covers by Jason Edmiston. It'll make your eyes rain!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Northern Guard #1 in stores December 15th!

Very sorry for the short notice but after a delay at the printers I'm told The Northern Guard #1 will be in comic shops across the continent this Wednesday, the 15th. Pictured above is 1:5 my variant cover, showcasing the comic's stars, revamped 1940s Canadian comic icons Johnny Canuck, Freelance, and original  creation Nanook of the North!

Northern Guard is a 3 issue mini series from Moonstone Books written by Ty Templeton, coloured and lettered by KT Smith, with covers by Jason Edmiston and interior art by this guy right here. Back up features include reprints of the original comics some of these characters featured in, never seen since their original publication over half a century ago! It's everywhere you want to be!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"The Pro" Sketch Card

Did this last summer for 5Finity's sketch card series of Garth Ennis and Amanda Connor's superhero spoof comic The Pro, which is full of great art and designs. For my cards I decided to concentrate more on the Pro's supporting cast of heroes than the Pro herself--here's the Saint and the Speedo for example. Some of these were pretty cool, but unfortunately, this is the only one I got a scan of. These were done in pigment pens and Copic markers.

Northern Guard #1: Yes, it seems to be quite late. It was supposed to hit stores on the 24th of November, and it still hasn't. It's been printed and everything, we're all trying to figure out what the holdup is. I'll post here as soon as I know which of the coming Wednesdays it'll be arriving in comic shops (we already know it's going to be later than the 15th). In the meantime, we're all super sorry for the delay, but the book is coming--I promise!