Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Semi-Daily Aquaman Comps

An Aqua-Haiku
By David J. Cutler
Dear friend Aquaman
No one seems to understand
But you're the bomb, yo.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cold day for chubby kid

Just something I liked from my life drawing sketchbook.  Done on a cold day from the window of a Starbucks of a kid waiting for a street car looking envious of my being in a heated building.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Johnny Canuck announcement

Well, it looks like Moonstone Books is gearing up to start promoting the book, so I can finally publicly say what my project with them is--Johnny Canuck and the Guardians of the Northern Lights!  It's being written by comic book kung fu master (and my former instructor) Ty Templeton, with colours by Keiren Smith and painted covers by Jason Edmiston.  Oh, and pencils, inks, and character designs by me.  This guy, right here.

Johnny Canuck is a revival of the "Canadian Whites", which is a nickname for the Canadian pulp and superhero comics that popped up during World War II when American comic supplies were cut off in the Great White North.  Now Johnny Canuck, Blackwing, Trick Merlin, Red Rogue, Zor the Mighty, Freelance and others are reimagined and revamped and thrown into the post-apocalyptic near future for your four colour enjoyement. Yeah!

3 issues, Launching this July, gods willing.  I'll post some pages sometime, or maybe some process stuff, when we figure out what to preview.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Marvel Portfolio Submission 1

This was my first attempt and impressing the guys at Marvel for their portfolio reviews when they came to town last Fanexpo.  Spider-Man and Black Cat vs Assorted Spidey Villains.

Acrylic and Gouache Illustrations

Jack Rabbit and Turtle Girl, a couple original characters in acrylics, I think.
Sea Monster in gouache, done for class. Trying some stuff.
DC Comics' Booster Gold painted in gouache.  Had fun going super cartoony with this.
This was from an assignment where we had to design a wrap around box cover for an original video game concept.  I came up with girl fight and populated it with some older characters of mine and random sexy nurse, cheerleader, etc.  Acrylic and China ink and a bit of gouache.

Stuffed animal parade?

Adorable cartoon stuffed animals for your eyeballs.  Yes, that is an Aquaman bear.  Yes, I have real problems.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Digital Color Illustrations

Commission of Marvel's Deadpool.

Forest Girl, an original character I do a pin up of now and again.

Ray Fillet, a satellite character from the Ninja Turtles cartoon and Archie comic.  Redesigned him a bit.