Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bizarre sketch card/signature combo

Yep, that's me alright--and the guy next to me is Gerald Ford.

This is an Airboy sketchcard I did for 5Finity Productions and Moonstone Books that ended up being sealed with the autograph of former president Gerald Ford. Ford's always been one of my favorite presidents because of my childhood fondness of his 'appearance' on the Simpsons. Say, do you like football? Do you like nachos? Well why don't you come over and watch the game and we'll have nachos. And then some beer.

I love this thing. I wish it were mine.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toronto Drink and Draw Sketches

Just about every Wednesday there's a drink and draw thing here in the city, often heavily attended by pro and aspiring pro alike.  When it comes to the drinking and drawing, I'm usually more the former and not so much the latter, but this last time I thought I'd give the opposite a go and try my hand at drawing in dim bar lighting.  So here's the Thing and Luke Cage, fast as fast can be.  Fun times.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

She-Hulk commission

Commission I did for a cool dude by the name of Andrew for the Toronto Comicon last week.  Me on pencils and inks, Captain Adam Metcalfe on gorgeous colors--it's posted up on his blog as well.  He's my tag team partner for this sort of thing, so if you order a commish from us, this is a decent sample of what we do. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


(Click to Enlarge.)

That's right, Beast Wars fan art, you heard me. Beast Wars was a Transformers franchise spinoff and one of the first CG animated shows on television. Friend Meaghan Carter loaned me all three seasons on DVD, and this was the end result.  The show was a favorite of mine in the late 90s, way better than it had to be. Even today, outside of Avatar, I can't think of any kid's shows where the characters grew and changed the way the best ones did on Beast Wars.  Dinobot's always been my favorite.

There may be more of this to come, haha...

(The background image is edited from a texture by