Friday, July 23, 2010

Slash, the Evil Turtle from Dimension X lineart

One of my favorite characters from the 80s Ninja Turtles toyline. Did this for fun some weeks ago with every intention of colouring it but, again, it never happened. Maybe later this summer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Generation X pinup

I did this pinup of the angsty 90s mutated grunge kids from Marvel's Generation X a while back and intended to do it as a print for the fan appreciation con back in June... things got busy though and I didn't like how the colouring was going, so I eventually abandoned it and moved on to something else. I kinda forgot that I'd done it until I came across it this morning looking for something else. Figured I'd post it so it doesn't go to complete waste.

If you've never read or even heard of Generation X you should really check it out. One of the diamond in the rough superhero gems of the terrible 90s, especially the first 30 issues or so.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Northern Guard #1, November 2010

At long last it has been solicited--The Northern Guard #1 from Moonstone Books. Written by Ty Templeton with pencils and inks by myself, colors by KT Smith, and a cover by Jason Edmiston, it'll be in finer comic shops November of this year, and continuing for 3 issues monthly thereafter. It's also got a variant retailer incentive "O Canada" cover by me, pictured above, which should be hard to get your hands on but whoever manages gets a free high five from me, guaranteed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Drink and Draw 2

Electric Boogaloo.  These are from the June 30th drink and draw, which was a lot of fun and very well attended by all the cool cats (the bad dogs couldn't make it). Karaoke afterwards. Good times.  I've mostly (entirely) been working on things I can't post here any time soon so I figured I'd just update with these doodles to keep in the habit.


Cyclops and friend Dean, primed for adventure.

Cosmic love on the rocks with no ice.