Monday, November 15, 2010

Hack/Slash Baseball Styles

Another of my Hack/Slash sketch cards for 5Finity Inc, my favorite of the bunch. I really hope whoever out there has it likes it, it was another one I wanted to pocket for myself. Wish I still had it, but it's out in the world now. God speed, little doodle.

Updated Commission Information:

1 Character, Full body B&W: $50
$15 each additional character
1 Character, Full body color: $75
$20 each additional character

All prices are for pencil and ink drawings and for private commissions only--nothing for commercial use or publication. 

Original characters are fine, with reference. I might take more complicated requests as well, with the price to be negotiated. I may post the piece on the internet, or in a sketchbook or something (in the case of original characters, you'll be mentioned and credited).

Single character drawings are 8x11 or 9x12, multiple characters usually end up on 11x17 boards, and prices don't include shipping which I try to make close to cost depending on where you live. Rates are the same for US or Canadian funds--you just have to deposit it upfront through Paypal before I can get to it. After payment's received it'll be a week to a month for me to finish, depending on my schedule.

You can send your requests via email or note me on deviantArt. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


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