Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Taking Commissions!


De landlord say de rent is late (he may have to litigate).*
I had a work schedule kerfuffle and I’m left with some time to kill! Starting Friday I’ll be open for commissions again, and I’m looking to take as many as I can handle.

Full Figure, Pencils and Inks1 Character 9x14  - $50 + S&H
1 Character 11x17 - $75 + S&H
$25 per additional character. Payment accepted through Paypal or (if you’re in Canada) email money transfer.

Simpler stuff runs cheaper, complicated stuff runs steeper. Don’t hesitate to ask! Busts, headshots, whatevs. I’m easy like Sunday morning, chief. I stopped doing colour commissions, though. Je m’excuse.

I have two left over commissions here from the last round that need to be sent off still, I’ll send them out with this batch after I feed the wolf. 
davidjcutler (at) live (dot) com
*Don’t worry

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