Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recent Spitballin' Sketches

Time once again for me to dump a bunch of my recent contributions to the awesome group sketchblog Spitballin' Comics here. First is my attempt at making the New 52 revamped DC universe Red Robin costume work. With a few small adjustments, I actually really like it. I still don't like the version they've gone with though...
And here's Fox McCloud from the Star Fox video games. If you're ever challenged to keep a drawing of a fox from looking like a drawing of a long-snouted cat, pray I'm not your phone a friend.
David Bowie's in space. Whatcha doin' up there, man?
And this week's contribution, Goku from Dragon Ball Z. As always, head over to Spitballin' to check out the other submissions to these theme weeks from a bunch of other awesome Toronto cartoonists and artists. It's a good time!

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Colleen said...

They're all great! I particularly like your David Bowie!