Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fan appreciation con day 2

Slow day today but managed to snag a few fun commissions--first is Living Lightning, who I thought I only vaguely had a notion of, but it turns out I was thinking of Living Laser anyway. I love the goofy, obscure guys so this was one of my favorite commissions ever. Kinda wish I hadn't looked through the book before hand, though--Marcio Takara, Francis Manapul, Marcus To, Leonard Kirk, Dan Parent, Agnes Garbowska, J. Bone, on and on and on, and all awesome work. Did my best to live up to the standard (Leonard Kirk "sketches" like most people draw diligently for 8 hours).

And another Deadpool! I brought my markers and totally managed to kill my deep red. Had to switch it up to do the job--the contrast between reds seems harsher on camera than it did in person. Did this in a mad rush in the con's closing minutes--came out alright.

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