Sunday, February 27, 2011

Northern Guard #2 5-Page Preview

So according to publisher Moonstone Books, The Northern Guard #2 is available in finer comic shops next Wednesday, March 9th, at the crack of whenever your comic shop opens. In anticipation of this momentous occasion I'm posting some of the inked pages for the issue, sans colour or whatever to give you humans a look at the process

As always, click to embiggen! Hope you guys like it!

[Edited to adjust shipping date.--DJC]


Scott said...

Whatever happened to the final issue of this series?

This is exactly why this is the only independent series I've purchased since the 90s. I figured since it was only 3 issues, there'd be no way the publisher would cancel it. I figured if sales were low, they'd just push it out and be done with it.

Is there any chance that Ty or you can digitally release it, if it has been dropped by Moonstone.

Scott said...


David J. Cutler said...

I should set it so that I'm actually notified when someone comments haha--the final issue's status is still up in the air. It's pretty much in the can, it just needs a home. I'm not the one actively negotiating though, that would be Ty and KT Smith, so I'm not sure where we're at.