Friday, September 10, 2010


Donatello, probably the turtle I have the most affection for nowadays. I did this much quicker on the heels of the last one than I intended, but they're fairly fun exercises and I tend to need to remind myself drawing is fun every couple of days haha... It's fun to try and make the turtles look physically distinct from one another, and communicate some of their personality in their face and build. I gave Donny more of a nerdy unassuming face, big beak, lankier, taller build than Mike. He's a thinker.

Dunno if I'll keep this up for these but thought it might be interesting to show the pencils and inks again, especially since it changed so much between the two. Wanted to make his face a little more likable, as well as get rid of the tool belt I was originally giving him. Didn't want to cheat the geting-personality-across-in-the-design thing with too many props. He ended up with bicycle gloves for some reason? Maybe this Don drives the turtle cycle exclusively, I dunno.

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