Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Northern Guard #1, November 2010

At long last it has been solicited--The Northern Guard #1 from Moonstone Books. Written by Ty Templeton with pencils and inks by myself, colors by KT Smith, and a cover by Jason Edmiston, it'll be in finer comic shops November of this year, and continuing for 3 issues monthly thereafter. It's also got a variant retailer incentive "O Canada" cover by me, pictured above, which should be hard to get your hands on but whoever manages gets a free high five from me, guaranteed.


Scott said...


Excellent month to launch by the way!

Any idea the number of issues that will be required to get the variant? I've been feeding info to my local shop, as it's come out, but they'll only pick up five copies, unless interest somehow gets peaked. That means I'll have to make up the difference.

Promotional posters would be an excellent way to boost visibility in Canadian stores. We're all pretty patriotic, we're just quiet about it.

One final question, will you and/or Ty be at Fan Expo this comic month to promote the book?

David J. Cutler said...

Hey, Scott. So far as I understand for every four copies ordered, you get one (the solicitation says free) additional copy with my cover. So if your shop orders 5 they may end up with 6, one being my cover, and they may and up with 5, one being my cover haha... not 100% sure how that works, but at 5 copies one of them should be my variant for sure.

Posters and such for promotion are mostly in the publishers hands, I think. I wanted to have postcards on hand but the dough just isn't there for it out of my pocket, I'm afraid. We'll see how things go.

Both Ty and I will have tables at FanExpo this August, giving it a big push. And I should say we both really appreciate your enthusiasm and support for the project. It only gets better with each issue, too, so hang in there!