Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toronto Drink and Draw Sketches

Just about every Wednesday there's a drink and draw thing here in the city, often heavily attended by pro and aspiring pro alike.  When it comes to the drinking and drawing, I'm usually more the former and not so much the latter, but this last time I thought I'd give the opposite a go and try my hand at drawing in dim bar lighting.  So here's the Thing and Luke Cage, fast as fast can be.  Fun times.


Steph said...

Hey! I was wondering if the drink and draw is still going on. Still at the Black Bull on Wednesdays?

David J. Cutler said...

It's more like one Wednesday a month. There's one on Dec 5th and then probably no more until the new year. I'm sorry I'm not seeing this until now, I had comment notification turned off. I imagine you may never see this reply either. :P